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Social Media Management

Social Media is at the forefront of End-to-End Customer-Business Communication. You do it and your Cost Per Acquisition phenomenally decreases.

D3 Technologies Consultancy provides 100% stress-free social media management services so Your business is always in touch with Your target segment.

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Media Buying

Be it Internet Ads, Tv Ads, Print Ads or Radio Ads we do it all for YOU! We believe Advertisement is like renting traffic from a certain platform or a medium.

Hence, we make sure to convert the traffic coming from ads to a solid contact list to which Your business can reach out to whenever You wish to!

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Content Marketing

ASK YOURSELF! Are you leaving content traces of your business’s services and products for your customers to self-learn? If you’re not doing that, you either, aren’t doing content marketing or doing it in not the best way possible.

Content Marketing generates those hidden leads for you and converts and nurtures those HIDDEN HIGHLY POTENTIAL Customers for your business.

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Content Writing

If you’re a Content Marketer or a Business who is and has been harnessing the power of Content Marketing and require a helping hand in Writing Content, more precisely a helping hand which researches leverageable content topics on your behalf and writes an engaging content. Let’s start working!


  • We believe in Transparency, of Prices and Efforts.
  • To Hire us for any solutions, you pay D3 Technologies a Token to book the service for a month/quarterly/yearly.
  • For add-on materials, such as Ad Copy, Graphic or Content required for the booked service we create a document mentioning billable which is shared with you.
  • On the last Friday of every month, we share an invoice for all the billables.
  • Hence, keeping our efforts and pricing completely transparent to you.


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What is O2TW Process ?

O2TW stands for Optimize On The Way
How does it work? First of all, when we start working with You, we develop multiple tests buyer person and customer avatars.

In the second step, we create a content strategy for the target buyer persona and customer avatar and start deploying the content.

In the third step, we observe target customer and consumer behavior to the content and optimize in accordance with response.

We use different versions of this O2TW process as we move forward with your account.

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